simpler fan controls

Posted by david marsh on Fri 03 December 2010

When we first installed ceiling fans in our house they came with remote controls, which I thought was a great idea. They let you change the speed of the fans and turn the light on and off remotely.

2 years later I've realised that the benefits of changing the fan speed or turning off the light while laying in bed doesn't outweigh:

  • Hunting for the lost remote
  • "Discussing" with my wife about who had it last, and where "I" left it
  • Asking the kids where they've put them
  • Changing batteries, which they went through a surprising amount of
  • Having to get within range of the fan when we haven't bothered to change flat batteries
  • After I got around to having a little hook for the remotes on the wall: knocking it off the hook when walking past
  • eThe extra clutter of several extra remotes

After 2 years of this going on, we had our electrician remove the remote controls receivers and install the standard light switch and 3 speed rotating knob mounted on the wall.

ceiling fan controls

This means that I can't be quite as lazy and will have to actually get up and walk to the wall switch if I want to change a setting (shocking), so far it's been great.