who stood next to who(m)

Posted by david marsh on Wed 27 August 2014

I came across some old class photos one day. I was curious who stood next to who the most, and if there was a pattern that showed up.

So, using this as an excuse to play with graphviz and the dot graph language. In this case graph is used in the relationship sense, not the bar and pi graph sense, which is correctly called a chart.

The results are show in the following graph. Blue nodes (the circles) are males, pink nodes are females. Blue edges (the lines) are relationships that stood in the back row, green stood in the middle row, and pink sat in the front row of the photo.

A few things stand out:

  1. The front row normally cosists mostly of females
  2. There is a lot more mix between the back and middle rows than the front row
  3. The strongst pairing that I can see is between M05 and F15

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